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Bills RB coach Lynn on LeSean McCoy's health and Karlos Williams' role

While the head coach Rex Ryan informed reporters at the podium that LeSean McCoy left Thursday's practice with "hamstring tightness," the Buffalo Bills' assistant coaches were also talking.

Caught up with running backs coach Anthony Lynn here on McCoy's health, Karlos Williams' growing role and who will get the carries at the goal-line.

Overall, it's clear Williams will keep getting the ball with or without McCoy in the picture. And looking back, Lynn wishes he didn't give McCoy as many reps as he did in the season opener after the veteran missed so much time with the hamstring injury.

Here's his responses in full...

Will Karlos Williams have a role in this offense?

“Oh, he has a role. He’ll be a change of pace as more of a power runner. We’ll see those opportunities and get him in the game.”

How do you find that balance with LeSean? You want him to get into a rhythm as a starter, but after seeing what Karlos can do, he needs to touch the ball, too.

“It’s a long season. You want to keep everybody healthy. And LeSean is definitely going to get his work, but you designate series to certain guys and situations—situational football. Some guys have different skill-sets for that.”

What kind of back is Karlos to you? What does he bring this offense?

“He’s a big back with speed and power. Gap schemes, zone schemes, it doesn’t matter what the scheme is. He can make plays after contact. He can wear a defense down. And he can be a great complement to a guy like LeSean, who’s quick and speedy. He mixes it up with some power.”

With McCoy, are you OK taking the loss of two yards here, three yards there because you know he might bust loose for 50?

“Sometimes guys who make big plays will lose a yard here or a yard there. But in the game last week, I didn’t think that was the case. There were some things as a unit we could’ve done better to keep the line of scrimmage cleaner. When we get him going, we know what he can do.”

Any concerns about getting him going?

“Absolutely, absolutely. The guy was out of training camp for the last three weeks and hadn’t played nursing that hamstring. I didn’t know what he could do that game to be honest with you. He hadn’t taken a hit and pushed off on that. It’s still a little sore, but he’ll be fine.”

So he’s still not 100 percent? Still getting his conditioning back?

“Absolutely. And I could tell in the game. I may have given him too many reps trying to get him in that conditioning. He had 42 snaps and he probably could’ve had 10 less than that.”

We saw Boobie Dixon get the carry at the goal-line on his touchdown. Do you guy see him as the goal-line back?

“I think all those guys will run goal-line. But when you’re trying to create roles for guys and keep guys fresh, I think Boobie can definitely do short-yardage, he can definitely do goal-line. I think LeSean and Karlos can as well. It just depends from week to week.”


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