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DOT to redesign busy Lockport intersection, finish sidewalk

LOCKPORT – The busy intersection on Route 93 in front of Lockport Town Hall will be rebuilt next year, adding a left-turn lane for southbound traffic, the state Department of Transportation confirmed last week.

Town of Lockport Supervisor Marc R. Smith said the DOT has informed the town of its plans to improve the intersection of Beattie Avenue and Old Beattie, Robinson and Dysinger roads.

DOT regional spokeswoman Susan Surdej said the intersection work will be bid out and constructed next year.

“It’ll be a big improvement,” Smith said.

The Town Board had sought to request changes to the intersection earlier this summer, only to learn that the DOT already was making its plans.

Surdej said the DOT is acquiring small pieces of land on both side of Beattie Avenue to make possible the widening of the street. Surdej said the north side of the intersection will offer 8-foot shoulders and separate lanes for left-turn, right-turn and through traffic.

Drivers heading south on Beattie have a right-turn lane, but left turners and those going straight share a lane. Beattie Avenue also enters the intersection at a 45-degree angle.

“We’re going to better align the lanes,” Surdej said.

Drivers heading north on Old Beattie Road will have a 12-foot left-turn lane, while traffic going straight or turning right will share a lane.

The contract will be combined with work the DOT previously had in mind: the completion of the sidewalk on the north side of Robinson and Dysinger roads. The final section will run from Raymond Road to a point near the Tim Hortons restaurant, located just west of Beattie Avenue.

“Anytime we can incorporate work into a project we’re already doing, that’s a great opportunity. This is a nice project,” Surdej said.

The sidewalk completion is estimated to cost $200,000 and the intersection work $375,000, Surdej said.