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Angola Village Board approves waterline-replacement project

A waterline-replacement project on Grove Street in Angola was approved by the Village Board on Monday after it awarded a nearly $265,000 bid to DJM Contracting of Elma.

“That (project) is coming soon,” said Mayor Howard M. “Hub” Frawley.

The project is expected to begin in the next few weeks, once DJM finishes with another project, and is expected to take a month to complete.

Construction of the waterline on Grove will take place from Prospect Street to the west of Washington Street. The project will consist of nearly 1,900 feet of 8-inch-diameter polyvinyl chloride pipe, along with ductile iron fittings, gate valves, copper service replacements and other work related to the construction. Once completed, the waterline will have an expected life of about 40 years.

Trustee William G. Houston, who was supposed to read the resolution into the minutes, asked that someone else read it because he was unsure at the time about whether he would vote in favor.

“I may be voting against this one,” Houston said.

He questioned why it showed a possible $12,000 reduction in cost if the project consisted of using the current fire hydrants.

Houston decided to vote in favor of the project after he was told that DJM’s pricing was the same with or without new hydrants.

Frawley asked that the resolution be amended to clarify that new fire hydrants will be included in the project.

The village will receive $100,000 it was awarded as part of Community Development Block Grant funding for the project. It also agreed to borrow $195,000 in serial bonds to help pay for the remainder of the project. The agreement calls for the village to pay back the bonds as part of a five-year loan.