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Letter: Sanders is addressing nation’s real concerns

Sanders is addressing nation’s real concerns

I can’t stand it anymore. Can you? It’s disgusting to see how shallow most of the national media’s coverage of the presidential campaign is. Over and over again, we are fed inane comments made by know-nothing candidates who are benefiting from the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allowing an unlimited and anonymous flow of money to manipulate voters. It seems that the national media only want to highlight the superficial and sensational remarks of certain “chosen favorites.”

Meanwhile, not a bit of coverage is given to the candidate who is drawing the largest crowds and outlining a platform that addresses the real concerns of most Americans, namely Bernie Sanders. Do the media realize their moral responsibility to serve the truth by offering our citizens an honest and objective presentation of all the vital issues we must address at this important moment in our nation’s history?

Rev. Pascal Ipolito

St. George Parish

West Falls