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Letter: Overpriced tickets leave true fans out in the cold

Overpriced tickets leave true fans out in the cold

Where did all the Paul McCartney tickets go? I tried to get tickets at three presale events – gone! I tried to get tickets on sale to the public – gone! Every time I got onto the site, I got the message: “There are no tickets available for this performance.” Why?

What about those unfortunate people waiting outside First Niagara Center? Only a dozen or so got tickets. That’s ridiculous. It used to be fun to stay outside all night and make new friends in the hope of getting tickets to see your favorite performer. Now everything is all technical. It doesn’t matter what you know, it’s who you know.

We have been fortunate to have seen McCartney in concert in three other cities and had no trouble getting tickets online. I was thrilled that he was finally coming to my hometown, but then I could not get tickets. Something is desperately wrong.

Why were all those “legal” ticket companies out there (Vivid Seats, TicketNetwork, Ticket Liquidator, StubHub) able to buy tickets and sell them for four times what they are worth?

OK, it’s McCartney; I get it. But it’s still not fair to fans who can’t afford to spend $600-plus per ticket to see their idol. There are hundreds of tickets available for this concert on these websites if you’re willing and able to spend four or five times the price printed on the ticket.

I thought scalping was illegal. Who’s making all the money on these tickets? You can bet Sir Paul isn’t seeing any of it. He named his price and got his cut. The rest is going into the pockets of the greedy and deceitful.

Marilyn Quagliana