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Audio: Scott Kemper's 'Shout!' has a long history in Buffalo

With the exception of perhaps Goo Goo Dolls lead singer John Rzeznik, Scott Kemper’s voice is the most famous in Buffalo.

Here. You'll recognize it.

Kemper had no idea how famous his jingle was -- "Do they still play that?" he asked News Reporter Tim O'Shei when O'Shei contacted him about the song -- but it's beloved in Buffalo.

Consider 1993, when the Bills lost the rights to the "Shout!" tune and tried to replace it with this remake of a 1962 Ernie Maresca song, "Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out):

Producers liked that song, but fans hated it. They launched a small revolution, campaigning for the return of “Shout!” Eventually, they were successful.

Marv Levy tried to come up with a replacement, too. In 1994, after a tough loss in Chicago during which the Bills' head coach tired of hearing the "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" fight song, he promised his players he'd write a Bills fight song if they beat Miami the next weekend.

They did, and he delivered:

A small part of Levy was hoping the Bills might switch to his more traditional fight song. He still is. In a phone interview with O'Shei this week, the 90-year-old Hall of Fame coach -- who knows "90 percent" of the college fight songs -- said he'll be performing "Go Bills!" during a private event at Northtown Lexus when he's in town for next Sunday's New England game.

Both when he penned it and now, Levy (lightheartedly) thinks the song may "turn the tide" on the Bills' losing ways.

"Since I wrote it, I (thought) maybe they’d make the switch, who knows?" he said. "They didn’t want to, and I do certainly understand that. But maybe the time’s come.”

Tough sell, probably. Bills fans love their "Shout!" But we Buffalonians aren't the only ones who've had the song. Years ago, Kemper and his partner Rich Airis produced an Indiana Pacers version of "Shout!"

Word has it that the song was short-lived with the basketball team, though.

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