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The Super Handyman: How to get rid of pesky fleas

Are you a dog person or a cat person? I love them both, along with a lot of other critters. But I don’t love fleas! Fleas are not only bothersome, but they cause a host of other issues for our beloved pets and ourselves, too. What follows are the best solutions for getting rid of fleas. Try them all in order to control these pests.

I always prefer to clean, maintain and control issues of any kind without using harsh chemicals. But I will admit that, if natural controls don’t work, then you may have to choose something more serious. Just remember, when using any materials around pets and people, always read the labels for proper usage, cautions and warnings. If something can kill a bug, it could harm you or your pet, as well.

Because fleas are tough to get rid of, it is suggested that you treat the pets, the yard, the home and any other areas where they frequent in order to stop their life cycle and gain control of the situation.

A good source of treatment options is a pet store, as well as your veterinarian. When you start shopping, you will find tons of options. Although good for you, it also indicates what a widespread problem that fleas are.

Your veterinarian will have some very helpful concoctions for your pet. Some will treat several pests at once and last for several months, making this part of the equation much easier to deal with.

As far as treating your home, there are sprays and powders for these areas. Most need to be repeated several times in order to keep up with the life cycle of the flea. As you read the labels, you will see that some treat the eggs, others the larvae and some just the adults.

Keeping bedding and floors clean can go a long way toward getting the situation under control. The same can be said for your yard. Don’t forget to treat patios, doghouses and other areas where pets spend time.

If you are treating carpets and use a vacuum, clean the canister or replace the bag every time you use it to get rid of the pests that may be trapped inside.

Not only do you want to win the battles, you need to win the war, and you can if you’re diligent.


Q: A couple of years ago, I painted our wooden picnic table and benches. The paint is peeling off, and I would like to paint it again. What’s the best way to get all of the rest of the paint off so I can re-paint? What kind of paint will work best? – C.P.

A: Use a pressure washer or scraper. A sander would also work pretty well. Use a primer first before painting, and then use a high-quality exterior paint this time.

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