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Letters for September 13

Carpenter’s kicking stats too good to let him go

Rex Ryan will make an incredibly dumb decision if he boots Dan Carpenter off the team now or in the near future. Let’s look at three facts:

1. Ryan’s kicker in New York last year was Nick Folk, whom he kept for the whole season. Folk was successful on only 63 percent of his field goals from 40-plus yards. At the same distance, Carpenter hit 81 percent.

2. This fact is a biggie – over the last two seasons, only three teams have been more accurate on field goals than Buffalo. And none of those three teams has to deal with the cold, snow and winds like we have here.

3. The Dolphins, stupidly, cut Carpenter in the summer of 2013 and kept Caleb Sturgis. Ask any Miami fan how that worked out. In the last two years Sturgis’ overall success rate was 77 percent compared to Carpenter’s 90 percent.

Granted, Carpenter had a difficult preseason (partly due to a leg injury). But his regular-season record of performance has been exceptional. If Rex had Andrew Luck as his QB and he had a bad preseason, would Rex consider cutting him too? Don’t make a mistake that you would regret for years to come.

Dennis Weber


There’s a willing waiting list for fans to attend games

To the writers from last week who want to give up their season tickets because the Bills cut Fred Jackson. Give myself or 70,000 other fans a call. We’ll take them.

Gene Amplement


For what he’s being paid, Ryan had better be good

Don’t make me cry. Rex Ryan says that Buffalo will be his last coaching job. First of all anyone receiving $5½ million a year to coach a team should kneel down and kiss the turf.

I guarantee that the Bills would not be one of the lowest ticket prices in the NFL if Ralph was still the owner and paying this salary to Rex. Past coaches worked here for a song compared to elite and cream-of-the-crop coaches for other teams.

Also, what other owner in the NFL would be that gullible or naive to pay Rex that amount after winning four games the year before with the hapless Jets?

Tony Hammill


Forget the actual games, televise the court hearings

Deflategate is just about a game and does not belong in a court of law. It makes for great entertainment, but the purpose of our legal system is not to entertain. This isn’t a labor issue; one side is called the Players’ Association. Brady is a player, not a laborer.

I realize that my player vs. laborer argument may not be valid from a legal standpoint, but, the entertainers called the NFL and Players’ Association should not have to use our precious courts. Labor laws were made to protect the common working man; any financial hardship Brady would have suffered is insignificant when compared to the compensation he receives. What next? Are baseball players going to sue when they get ejected from the game?

The NFL and the overpriced players really missed a chance to make big bucks on this one. How stupid it was to go behind the closed doors of a federal judge to argue this issue? They should have had a hearing in a television studio on a set made to look like a courtroom. They could have hired someone to look like a judge, or hired one of the several TV judges. Brady would not have suffered any loss of income because he would have made a fortune; all he needed was a small piece of the advertising revenue. Of course, he would have to act like he could not afford a suspension, but, I for one, believe that Brady has already proven that he is a good actor. He could have pulled it off. Prior to the hearing there could have been a reality show called “The Wells Report.” The ball boy would have had his own TV show by now called “The Deflator.” If necessary he could have taken acting lessons from Chumlee of “Pawn Stars” fame.

How long will it take for the NFL to realize that they can make more money televising all of the crazy hearings and investigations than they make on merchandise sales?

Leonard J. Almquist


Control of game balls should be in different hands

Why do football teams control the balls used in the game?

In baseball the umpire does. After a half inning, the pitcher leaves the ball on the mound for the opposing pitcher to use. A relief pitcher warms up in the bullpen and leaves that ball there. He then proceeds to use the game ball the previous pitcher had used. A pitcher can request a new ball, but, again, the umpire provides it.

Why is it handled differently in football?

Sandra W. Myers


Jackson’s release should be wake-up call for players

With one resounding decision the Bills erased the blackboard clean of all the unselfish gestures of sensitivity to the fans. Perhaps more damaging is the destruction of a team attitude to help the next guy. It takes 11 players working in unison to play successfully. Before the cut of Fred Jackson the comments by new players to Buffalo was so complimentary about the team spirit, the team morale, etc.

Now the focus has to be me, my job, who do I have to beat in practices? Running a franchise by fear is done by management that is unsure of its own ability to develop the best performance by positive psychology adapted to each “employee.” It is more difficult, but longer lasting, with higher achievement.

Paul Zatulove


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