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Letter: Tax break for veterans is the least we can do

Tax break for veterans is the least we can do

The recent 4 News article concerning tax exemptions for war veterans hit a nerve with me. In 1967, as a teenage graduate of Bishop Timon High School, three buddies and I joined the Marine Corps and by April 1968 we were in Vietnam serving our country honorably. To the best of my recollection, almost all of my friends from Seneca Street served. But there were others who avoided the draft by obtaining fake medical deferments and school deferments (Dick Cheney).

The vets who survived and came home were admonished and shunned. Many suffered from PTSD when no one was aware what this was or how to deal with it. Now many of these same vets are suffering and dying prematurely from Agent Orange, contracted while serving overseas.

Our beloved World War II vets are mostly in their 90s and most of us Vietnam vets are in our 60s. So the remaining vets from those two wars won’t be a tax burden for that much longer. And the younger vets from our recent wars, who are mainly from the poor and working-class families, deserve every accolade and small tax break they may receive.

I disagree with the gentleman’s conclusion that voluntary public support for the exemption wouldn’t be strong. I think if there was a revote in the Iroquois district, the vote would still come back 2-to-1 or better. Western New Yorkers love and respect their veterans, and I’m sure they will support them in any way they can.

Phil Ryan

West Seneca