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Letter: Government trampling our fundamental rights

Government trampling our fundamental rights

I want to be counted among those supporting News columnist Rod Watson’s and SCOPE Chairman Budd Schroeder’s criticism of the SAFE Act. Many of us were warned about the pitfalls of acting out of anger and were encouraged to “count to 10” to allow rational thought to replace knee-jerk reactions. The so-called message of necessity was a poor excuse to ignore such advice.

I continue to believe that the “SAFE” Act was just another legislative smokescreen to pretend that lawmakers are doing something to protect us rather than doing something about the true causes of crime and violence.

We are a play now/pay later society – and not just in fiscal matters. Examples of ignoring the consequences are abundant in unhealthy lifestyles, such as poor diet and lack of exercise, reckless driving habits and increasingly less civilized interaction with others. Drugs regulate how we feel about ourselves instead of our conscience.

A life compass of personal responsibility and the golden rule has been replaced with a reliance upon government telling us what is right and wrong – unfortunately a government that no longer leads by example and believes the end justifies the means. How else could it trample on our fundamental rights?

Timothy Howard

Erie County Sheriff