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City Hallways (Sept. 11) The morning after

Calendar Items
Common Council meets to make appointment to fill remainder of Demone Smith's term as Masten councilman.
Fourteenth anniversary of the 2001 attack on Worth Trade Center
Day after the primary election.
Curtain-Up tonight.

Dave Franczyk was admittedly nervous going into yesterday's Fillmore primary election. But as the incumbent  started collecting numbers, he started feeling optimistic. In the Old First Ward,  it was 47  votes for Franczyk,  seven for Joe Mascia  and three for Sam Herbert 3.  At a Broadway voting district, it was 40 for Franczyk,  13 for Herbert and 5 for Mascia.  And then over on Fougeron, an African-American neighborhood that Herbert won big in  2011 -- 64 to 37, Franczyk was told that  Herbert only got one more vote than Franczyk Thursday night. That's when,  Franczyk  said, he knew things were going his way.
In the end, with 100 percent of the vote in, Franczyk ended up with 56 percent of the vote while Herbert got 29 percent, and Mascia 15 percent. In raw numbers, that was 570 for Franczyk, 291 for Herbert and 151 for Mascia.  So Franczyk got more votes than Mascia and Herbert combined. Total number of votes cast was 1,012. Four years ago, there were 1,435 votes cast in the 2011 primary when Herbert and Franczyk went head to head. In that race,  Franczyk got 61 percent of the vote -- 874 votes -- while Herbert got 39 percent, or 561 votes.

The appointment
Here's how it goes.  Demone Smith left his Masten Council seat in  late June.  The council early on decided to wait until the day after the primary to fill the open seat, figuring it made sense to appoint whoever voters selected in the September primary. Three applicants applied.  The council is scheduled to interview any interested candidates around noon today. Ulysees Wingo, Sharon Belton-Cottman and Yvette Suarez applied. The other Masten candidate running in yesterday's election for a new four-year term, Lamone Gibson, didn't apply to fill out the remainder of Smith's term. After the interviews, the council will hold a special session to appoint the temporary Masten council member. Wingo won yesterday's primary, so looks like he gets the temporary appointment as well as the four-year term.

Also, here's the final vote count for the Masten Race. With 100 percent of the vote in:  Wingo got 1,076 votes, or 48 percent of votes case; Belton-Cottman got 919, or 41 percent; and Gibson got 226, or 10 percent.

LeSean McCoy working off field

We're of course hearing LeSean McCoy is great on the football field. Off the field,  the running back's foundation, Shades of Greatness Inc.,  recently donated hundreds of back packs that Mayor Brown and the Police Athletic Leagues are helping to distribute to school kids.  About 100 were handed out at Schiller Park on Saturday, and another 75 were  handed out last evening at  JFK Community Center.

Sept. 11
I've been saving this item for today, the 14th anniversary of the Sept.11 attack. The Common Council recently invited a group of police officers, firefighters and paramedics - including some who traveled to New York City to help out after the planes crashed into the World Trade Center  in 2001 - to recognize first responders for the work they do in Buffalo. At one point during the ceremony, Council President Darius Pridgen  said he's been asked about the "Blue Wall," referring to the tendency of police to stick together. "I am military," Pridgen said. "I know what it means to stick together." When there are bad apples in an organization,  Pridgen said, we have to get rid of them. But that, he said, isn't what the Blue Wall is really about. "You have to stick together. And look out for each other," he said. "The real reason is so firefighters go home at night, and police go home at night. And EMS. We encourage you to keep looking out for each other and the citizens of Buffalo," Pridgen told the police, firefighters and paramedics. "We need you alive so we can stay alive."

P.S. City Hallways is taking Monday off for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  L'Shanah Tovah. That's Hebrew for Happy New Year
Be back Tuesday with more of what I'm hearing in City Hall.

In today's Buffalo News and, here's my story on the Masten/Fillmore council elections.

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