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Anderson up for challenge of filling in as Bills' O-line coach

Buffalo Bills assistant offensive line coach Kurt Anderson recognizes that he has some reasonably large shoes to fill, but the thought of doing so doesn’t have him shaking in them.

Anderson now serves as the Bills’ offensive line coach in place of Aaron Kromer, whom the team suspended for the first six games of the season for his involvement in an altercation in July.

Kromer allegedly punched a teenage boy. Although charges against him were dropped, the Bills imposed discipline of their own. Kromer was allowed to return to work during training camp and the preseason, but has begun serving the suspension.

“I feel confident and ready to roll,” Anderson said. “It’s a challenge that I feel up to and it’s a challenge that I’m ready to attack, and I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity that I have to do this. The good thing is, this is my third year here so the guys feel comfortable in working with me. It’s not something where it’s somebody coming from the outside that’s only been here for a couple of months.

“We already have a rapport and we have a relationship, so there’s a trust factor that’s already built up and that makes it easier for me to work with those guys and for us to communicate. Because the key to success is communication, in and out of the classroom and on and off the field. So we are able to communicate at a high level and that’s why I think we’ll be just fine.”

Anderson said his primary goal is to “make sure that everything is seamless for the players,” to the point that they aren’t thinking about the fact Kromer is not leading meetings or guiding them in practice.

“This is Greg Roman’s” offensive “system, so when G-Ro came in here and we all got together in the winter, Aaron and I were learning it together,” Anderson said. “We spent an inordinate amount of time detailing things out, so being a part of that process makes it a lot easier. And then basically when Aaron was there,” during training camp, “I was like a sponge and trying to absorb as much as I could of verbiage. We’re trying to use the same terminology, the same verbiage.

“Everybody’s going to teach in their own way, but Aaron’s a guy that I emulate and I tailor my teaching style to the way that he teaches.”

On game day, Anderson will be on the sidelines talking with fellow offensive coaches and offensive linemen. Despite doing the heaviest lifting during the week of practice, he will have plenty to do during the game.

“I’ll be taking care of all the in-game adjustments we teach throughout the week, but we” also “teach as the game progresses,” he said. “Indianapolis can come in and they’ve shown certain things on tape and they can come in in the first series and they’re doing something completely different. So it’s about continuing to coach the guys up through that final whistle.

“And it’s nothing that I haven’t done before. In fact, for the last Detroit” preseason “game, I assumed the headsets and worked on it with the communication upstairs to myself and Aaron assisted me.”

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