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1965: Loblaw's offers ladylike solutions to unmentionable necessities

Today’s marketing of tissues and toilet paper focuses mostly on the comfort and effectiveness of the products in question.

Fifty years ago this week, the only marketing message the ladies of Western New York were getting about Loblaw’s bathroom and facial tissue is that it’s not quite as embarrassing as the other brands.

“Lady like” tissue — the Loblaw’s store brand — was on sale in both white and in colors, from the days when we were all a little less ladylike in our concern over what toilet paper dyes might be doing to our environment and water supply.

09 sep 1965 Loblaws lady like colors tissues and toilet paper

In 1966, the Buffalo City Directory lists four Star Markets in Buffalo, including the building that houses Dash’s on Hertel Avenue today.  There were 10 Loblaw’s locations, among them the current Panera Bread location on Elmwood Avenue, and the Valu Home Centers location on Kenmore Avenue near Englewood.

loblawslocations 1966

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