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What They Said: Transcripts of Bills coach Rex Ryan and Kyle Williams after Thursday's practice

Transcript of media sessions following Thursday's Buffalo Bills practice at One Bills Drive: Head coach Rex Ryan and defensive tackle Kyle Williams. Provided by the Buffalo Bills.

Head coach Rex Ryan

Opening comments:

These guys did not participate today: (Marquise) Goodwin, ribs. (Tony) Steward, knee. All these guys were full today: (Charles) Clay, knee. (LeSean) McCoy, hamstring. (Sammy) Watkins, hamstring. (Robert) Woods, hip. Williams, we’ll let you figure out which Williams we’re talking about. It’s Mario, calf. (Chris) Hogan, knee and (Percy) Harvin, hip. All those guys were full.

So with that I don’t know what else to say. Anything else going on today? Good practice today, I thought the…really working the cadence hard against our defense because (Andrew) Luck does, he’s one of these rare guys that even on the road he can use his voice to try and draw you off sides. So we’re working hard on that with (Matt) Cassel and EJ (Manuel). So we’re trying to cover everything.

Q: How excited are you about tonight, the start of football season, and will you be watching the game?

A: I’ll probably be watching it with a beverage or two. So I won’t be taking notes and all that as much, but no I’ll definitely be watching the game. I’m a fan of football and to start our season, the NFL season, that’s always special and obviously became a huge Steeler fan tonight.

Q: Are you happy you don’t have to worry with the Marcell Dareus’ speculations anymore?

A: I just wish I would have been a better player. When you go back and look at that contract and things like that, it’s like ‘Oh my goodness.’ But that was my first thought and then the second thought, obviously having him here and you’re gonna have a big D-tackle sitting there with me for a long time and that’s fantastic.

Q: Has Tony Stewart been participating at all?

A: No he hasn’t been practicing since he had that thing in training camp. But he’s rehabbing, he’s working awfully hard and it’s unfortunate cause he was really playing well. So we’ll see how he gets back here and I think (AJ) Tarpley did a great job in his absence, so happy to have him.

Q: Do you think it was important for Marcell Dareus’ situation to settle before the season kicked off?

A: Well I think now that it’s over you can say oh yes it’s important and things but I think everybody feels great about it. Obviously Marcell does and having that thing behind him and knowing it was gonna get down and confident it would get done and he’s with the team that he wanted to be with. Obviously from the Bills perspective, the organizations perspective, you got one of your elite players and a guy that you drafted and he’s been here the whole time. So not letting him out of the building, he’s ours and obviously we’re happy about that.

Q: Are you expected Percy Harvin to be a full go?

A: Yep, absolutely. I expect him to be a full go, I expect us all to be full go except (Marquise) Goodwin and (Tony) Stewart.

Q: Where is Marquise Goodwin in his rehab right now?

A: He’s doing good but I mean he had two fractured ribs or whatever it was so that takes a little time to heal. Obviously every guys different or whatever but when he’s back…I know one thing he feels a lot better, he’s able to sleep at night so that’s an improvement.

Q: How important is Marcell Dareus to you and your defensive scheme?

A: I’ve had some great ones during my time. I’ve been blessed to really coach some fantastic players and he certainly be on top of that list. So to have somebody like that obviously is a great comfort level. You can do so much and when you combine him with what we have, with Kyle Williams as smart as he is, as talented as he is and Mario (Williams) and Jerry (Hughes) and all the guys…Man no wonder I came to Buffalo, that’s a heck of a deal.

DT Kyle Williams

Q: Do you think the contract negotiations would have been a distraction for Marcell (Dareus)?

A: I don’t know, I think that’s based on individual mindset I guess. Depends on how you think about it and how you looks at it. So really can’t speak for what he thinks about it, but I’m sure he’s happy it’s done, he can move forward.

Q: How much as Marcell Dareus matured since his rookie season to now?

A: A lot. You know I think you have maturity on the field, you have maturity off the field…it’s grown in both areas for him. Just continuing to talk with him and visit with him, on and off the field. I think the main thing about him was when everybody was on him, everybody was on him and everybody stood by him and I told you guys the main thing about him is you don’t get to know the heart of somebody by reading an article. Or seeing what that say about him on a TV or in a paper. We have that luxury, we spend time with him, we spend real time with him. So yeah I knew the kind of guy he was, I knew the heart that he had and couldn’t be happier for him and happy that he’s gonna be here.

Q: Do you ever think that you four, the special group on the D Line, could only have 1 or 2 more years together?

A: I don’t know, I hadn’t thought about that. I mean, if you’re thinking about that…I mean we got games to play, not thinking about that at all.

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