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Niagara Falls voters weigh in on mayoral primaries

I talked to some voters outside St. Raphael's on College Avenue in DeVeaux  earlier this evening. (Note: that area's typically a stronghold for incumbent Paul A. Dyster, according to his campaign.) Here's what the voters had to say:

John Kennedy, who has lived in the city 35 years, said he voted for Dyster in the Democratic primary, over his opponent Councilman Glenn A. Choolokian.

"I think he's laid the groundwork" for future economic growth in the Falls, Kennedy said.

But Choolokian was getting support in DeVeaux, too.

Allan and Connie Leo, a pair of lifelong city residents, both said they supported Choolokian, saying they were "tired" of Dyster, who is wrapping up his second term.

They criticized Dyster for what they said was being too "fast and loose" with spending.

"We want a change from Dyster," Allan Leo said.

Connie Leo said she believes Dyster's solutions involve raising taxes, but hesitated on whether Choolokian would win.

"Unfortunately, I don't think enough of us are tired" of Dyster's administration, she said.

Jeanne and Michael Golba, who voted in the three-way Republican primary for mayor, said they are fed up with the high business taxes that exist in the city, as well as the health care provided by the city for elected officials.

Jeanne Golba, who said she's very close to changing affiliations from the Republican party because she said it's moved "to the left," said she and her husband used to own a business in Youngstown and would never have moved it to the Falls because it would have tripled their expenses.

"Drive down Main Street. Drive down Pine Avenue," she said. "It's embarrassing."

Jeanne Golba said she believes if Jim J. Szwedo gets into office, "we will see change."

"You need drastic change in this city," Michael Golba said.

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