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NFL Picks - Week One

NFL Picks
Week One

(The News has added a guest selector to its expanded format. The guest for Week One is Adam Benigni, sports director at WGRZ-TV).

Selections are made against the point spread that appears in Thursday's News and do not include Thursday night games. An * indicates each personal best bet.

Bills (+2 ½) vs. Colts
Carucci: Bills
Dunne: Colts
Skurski: Bills
Sullivan: Colts
Graham: Bills
Gleason: Colts
Northrop: Colts
Gaughan: Bills
DiCesare: Bills
Guest (Adam Benigni): Bills

Bears (+7) vs. Packers
Carucci: Packers
Dunne: Packers
Skurski: Packers
Sullivan: Packers
Graham: Packers
Gleason: Bears
Northrop: Bears
Gaughan: Packers
DiCesare: Packers
Guest (Adam Benigni): Packers

Chiefs (+1) at Texans
Carucci: Chiefs*
Dunne: Texans
Skurski: Chiefs
Sullivan: Texans
Graham: Chiefs
Gleason: Chiefs
Northrop: Chiefs
Gaughan: Chiefs
DiCesare: Chiefs
Guest (Adam Benigni): Chiefs

Browns (+3) at Jets
Carucci: Jets
Dunne: Jets
Skurski: Jets
Sullivan: Jets
Graham: Jets
Gleason: Jets
Northrop: Jets
Gaughan: Browns
DiCesare: Jets
Guest (Adam Benigni): Jets

Redskins (+4) vs. Dolphins
Carucci: Dolphins
Dunne: Dolphins
Skurski: Dolphins
Sullivan: Dolphins*
Graham: Dolphins
Gleason: Dolphins
Northrop: Dolphins
Gaughan: Redskins
DiCesare: Redskins
Guest (Adam Benigni): Dolphins*

Jaguars (+3) vs. Panthers
Carucci: Jaguars
Dunne: Jaguars
Skurski: Jaguars
Sullivan: Jaguars
Graham: Panthers
Gleason: Panthers*
Northrop: Panthers
Gaughan: Jaguars
DiCesare: Panthers
Guest (Adam Benigni): Jaguars

Rams (+4) vs. Seahawks
Carucci: Seahawks
Dunne: Seahawks*
Skurski: Seahawks
Sullivan: Seahawks
Graham: Seahawks
Gleason: Seahawks
Northrop: Seahawks
Gaughan: Rams
DiCesare: Rams
Guest (Adam Benigni): Seahawks

Saints (+2 ½) at Cardinals
Carucci: Saints
Dunne: Saints
Skurski: Cardinals*
Sullivan: Saints
Graham: Cardinals
Gleason: Saints
Northrop: Cardinals
Gaughan: Cardinals
DiCesare: Cardinals
Guest (Adam Benigni): Cardinals

Lions (+3) at Chargers
Carucci: Chargers
Dunne: Lions
Skurski: Chargers
Sullivan: Chargers
Graham: Chargers
Gleason: Chargers
Northrop: Chargers
Gaughan: Chargers*
DiCesare: Chargers
Guest (Adam Benigni): Lions

Titans (+3) at Buccaneers
Carucci: Titans
Dunne: Bucs
Skurski: Titans
Sullivan: Bucs
Graham: Bucs
Gleason: Bucs
Northrop: Titans
Gaughan: Titans
DiCesare: Titans
Guest (Adam Benigni): Titans

Raiders (+3) vs. Bengals
Carucci: Raiders
Dunne: Raiders
Skurski: Bengals
Sullivan: Raiders
Graham: Raiders*
Gleason: Raiders
Northrop: Raiders
Gaughan: Raiders
DiCesare: Raiders*
Guest (Adam Benigni): Bengals

Ravens (+4 ½) at Broncos
Carucci: Ravens
Dunne: Ravens
Skurski: Ravens
Sullivan: Broncos
Graham: Ravens
Gleason: Broncos
Northrop: Broncos
Gaughan: Ravens
DiCesare: Ravens
Guest (Adam Benigni): Broncos

Giants (+6) at Dallas
Carucci: Giants
Dunne: Cowboys
Skurski: Cowboys
Sullivan: Cowboys
Graham: Cowboys
Gleason: Giants
Northrop: Giants
Gaughan: Cowboys
DiCesare: Giants
Guest (Adam Benigni): Cowboys

Falcons (+3) vs. Eagles
Carucci: Eagles
Dunne: Eagles
Skurski: Eagles
Sullivan: Eagles
Graham: Falcons
Gleason: Falcons
Northrop: Falcons
Gaughan: Falcons
DiCesare: Eagles
Guest (Adam Benigni): Eagles

49ers (+2 ½) vs. Vikings
Carucci: Vikings
Dunne: Vikings
Skurski: Vikings
Sullivan: Vikings
Graham: Vikings
Gleason: 49ers
Northrop: 49ers*
Gaughan: Vikings
DiCesare: Vikings
Guest (Adam Benigni): Vikings

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