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Letter: It’s great to see people speak up for the Amp

It’s great to see people speak up for the Amp

I was an active participant in the lively debate about the Chautauqua Amphitheater this summer and have heard calls by many new-Amp proponents for the save-the-Amp crowd to give up the fight.

In a highly stressful, tension-filled summer, the one thing of beauty I witnessed was that a few of the letters written and a couple of the speeches made by the outspoken preservationists inspired a number of previously taciturn individuals to overcome their “first-they-came-for-…-esque” trepidations.

These individuals were able to find the strength necessary to voice, in public, that deep-down-in-the-pit-of-their-soul feeling that something of fundamental importance wasn’t being handled properly and, by extension, that it was no longer OK for them to continue their silence.

Aaron Sorensen