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Horse Show results for September 10

Area horse SHOW

69th Buffalo International

Horse Show

at the Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center


Class 11 Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3” U/S: Montenegro (Lilly Ulrich)

Class 12 Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3”: Montenegro (Lilly Ulrich)

Class 13 Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3” Handy: Oriano (Penelope Ayers)

Class 21 Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’6” U/S: Palm Beach (Kaitlyn Kurtz)

Class 22 Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’6”: Palm Beach (Kaitlyn Kurtz)

Class 23 Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’6” Handy: Palm Beach (Kaitlyn Kurtz)

Class 64 Confirmation Hunter 3’6”/3’9”: Me Again (Jennifer Alfano)

Class 65 Confirmation Hunter 3’6”/3’9” Handy: Candid (Jennifer Alfano)

Class 78 High Performance Working Hunter 4’: Maggie May (Jennifer Alfano)

Class 79 High Performance Working Hunter 4’ Handy: Maggie May (J. Alfano)

Class 80 Performance Working Hunter 3’6”-3’9” U/S: Starring Role (Marguerite Heberle)

Class 81 Performance Working Hunter 3’6”-3’9”: Rio Viva (Jennifer Alfano)

Class 82 Performance Working Hunter 3’6”-3’9”: Kinder Scout (Alicia Heberle)

Class 83 Performance Working Hunter 3’6”-3’9” Handy: Kinder Scout (Alicia Heberle)

Class 94 Low Hunter 3’: Montenegro (Lilly Ulrich)

Class 104 Pre-Green Hunter 3’/3’3”: The Exchange (Jennifer Alfano)

Class 105 Pre-Green Hunter 3’/3’3”: The Exchange (Jennifer Alfano)

Class 303 USHJA Pre-Green Hunter Inventive: The Exchange (Jennifer Alfano)

Class 401 EQUUS Best Performance-Professional: The Exchange (J. Alfano)

Conformation Hunter 3’6”/3’9: Champion: Candid (Jennifer Alfano), Reserve: Me again (Jennifer Alfano)

High Peformance Working Hunter 4’: Champion: Maggie May (Jennifer Alfano), Reserve: Gianni (Jennifer Dahlman)

Low Hunter 3’: Champion: Montenegro (Lilly Ulrich), Reserve: Reveille Z (Sarah Barge)

Performance Working Hunter 3’3”/3’6: Champion: Kinder Scout (Alicia Heberle), Reserve Rio Viva (Jennifer Alfano)

Pre-Green Hunter 3’/3’3”: Champion: The Exchange (Jennifer Alfano), Reserve: Castle (Jennifer Alfano)