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Letter: Depew residents want details on bridge repair

Depew residents want details on bridge repair

As a resident of Lincoln Street in Depew, I would like to comment on the restructuring of a bridge on my street. First of all, we have been saddled with a reduction of traffic, when those in charge put up concrete blocks, restricting the bridge to one-lane passage. This has been in place since last year.

Now, they finally started to do some work on the project, but it’s beginning to look like it’s going to take another year before the job is done. I would think that those involved would make public some information as to how long this is expected to take.

I have asked around, and I get conflicting answers, from two more weeks, to three or more months. Who is to be believed? It’s not fair, or acceptable, to be kept in the dark about this. We are, after all, taxpayers, and we have a right to expect some honest answers.

Richard Zaverl