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City Hallways (Sept. 9) Carl-style endorsement

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Terrance Heard is having  press conference this morning to announce he's running for Ellicott District councilman as an Independent under the "1 Ellicott Party" line.  Heard was previously knocked off the Democratic party line ballot last month after incumbent Darius Pridgen  successfully challenged his petitions.

On the campaign trail
Part 1 - A Paladino-style endorsement
It's pretty easy to tell from Carl Paladino's Facebook page which candidates he likes, and which he doesn't. He's  clearly a  big Trump for President man. And  he clearly doesn't like Hillary Clinton.  Then there's  his position on Sharon Belton-Cottman, a school board member running for the Masten District Common Council seat.  In a post  a colleague of mine dubbed "The worst Common Council endorsement ever," here's  what Paladino wrote about Belton-Cottman's common council run:
"Please help the Buffalo Public Schools change the status quo and give 34,000 children the opportunity for an education. Vote for this unpleasant, incompetent and racist woman to get elected to the Common Council. Let them deal with her."

On the campaign trail
Part 2 - Mascia flier and Herbert job
When I spotted Fillmore District candidate Sam Herbert  at a council meeting yesterday, I showed him a copy of a pro-Joe Mascia publication I  picked up at Spot Coffee earlier in the morning. The publication contained a story similar to one that also appears in incumbent Dave Franczyk's campaign literature.  It says Herbert lost a part time job at the Erie County Auto Bureau office because of an allegedly inappropriate comment he made to a woman. Herbert said he saw the literature, and isn't paying any  attention to it. Instead, Herbert said, he was heading back to Allentown to continue his door-to-door campaigning.
How's the race going,  I asked him, wondering if he would predict victory on Thursday.
"I don't know," he said, then began discussing voter turnout.

Checking the money trail.
I checked the state Board of Elections web site again this morning to see if Herbert, Mascia or Masten candidate Lamone Gibson filed those campaign finance reports that were due with the state Aug. 31.
Still no record of Mascia filing his required report, or that Herbert or Gibson filed anything this campaign season.

Take a bike
When I was at a Canalside press conference yesterday,  Assemblyman Sean Ryan was singing the praises of the bike ferry.  So was Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul. She said she and  husband  Bill Hochul, the WNY U.S.  attorney,  like to bring their bikes to Ohio Street, and ride around.  Ryan mentioned he's looking for feedback on the bike ferry, and that he posted a comments page to find out what people think of the ferry. What did people like? Any suggestions for improving service?  Here's a link for those who want to share their ideas with the assemblyman.

In today's Buffalo News and buffalonews. com, I have story on request by some Buffalo area parents for the City of Buffalo to consider operating its own medical marijuana program, separate from what the state of New York is about to begin in 2016.

Election countdown - Primary is tomorrow.

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