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Letter: Walking to unlit lot in the dark was scary

Walking to unlit lot in the dark was scary

I read with interest the Sept. 2 letter regarding the parking for the Irish Festival. My husband and I attended the festival on Aug. 29, and we love the new location at RiverWorks. Like the writer, we, too, were on Ganson Street and were directed to a parking lot farther down the street after we were informed that the lot directly outside the festival was full.

The first lot was $10, but a person there pointed us farther down to a lot costing only $5. We pulled in and, within a minute, noticed the shuttle available to festivalgoers at the entrance to our lot. We briskly walked over to the bus, not wanting to miss out on the ride. We took notice of our location, or so we thought, and the terrific, accommodating driver reassured us that she would be available until the close of the festival to transport people back to their vehicles.

I will say that when we left around 10:30 p.m., we did in fact spot the shuttle coming in our direction. The same nice lady, however, was on her way downtown, and wouldn’t be back our way for awhile. Oh how I wish we knew then the dark and deserted walk ahead to the unlit lot in which we left our car, because we would have gladly taken the trip with the shuttle. We eventually found the lot, and cautiously approached the inner perimeter, then beelined for our car. What an experience, and one that we will never repeat. Yes, we could have and should have found a better place to park, but hindsight is 50/50. We plan to attend the festival next year and, now having some knowledge of the area, we will avoid any of the unlit lots outside the festival.

Kathleen Hackford

West Seneca