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(City Hallways) Sept. 8 Golombek's fan club

Back story on this week's photo. It's election week, so I thought this JFK bust and American flag in the City Hall lobby was timely.

Calendar Items
Planning board meeting with lots on agenda, including  Gates Circle project creating  neighborhood concerns.
Council committee meetings all day, and will include afternoon public hearing on plan to landmark the BMHA property that City Honors wants as a sports field.

The money trail - not
Filmore  candidates Sam Herbert and Joe Mascia, and Masten candidate Lamone Gibson, all ackowledged to me last week that they each - for one reason or another -  missed the Aug. 31 campaign finance report filing deadline. Each, however, told  me they working on getting  the reports filed.
As of this morning, none of the missing reports was yet posted.

Professor Golombek
I was doing some on-line research recently and came across something  called  I know a few City Hall folks work part-time at Buffalo state, so thought I'd put their names though to see what I got.  And what I got was Joe Golombek, the North District councilman, has what could probably be viewed as a Buff State fan club. He teaches history there. On a scale of 1 to 5  students gave him a 4.7
A sampling of their comments:
"Amazing! He is the single best professor that I have had the honor of taking."
"I literally love this man, as a professor and as a person.  He is hilarious and very passionate about what he teaches . . "
"He is super funny and you always listen to see what he is going to say next."
"Although the class was at 8 a.m., it was impossible to fall asleep during his lectures."

Countdown - Primary election in two days

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