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Letter: We must find solution for desperate refugees

We must find solution for desperate refugees

We will continue to read about the growing problems some European countries are having with the arrival of migrants, both dead and alive. Feeding and housing these refugees is relatively minor compared with the conditions in the homelands of those fleeing.

Who would not run from a country (Syria) whose government used nerve gas on its own citizens, killing over 1,000 village residents, including over 400 children?

The real problems are the wars, poverty and prejudice within those nations where escape is the only option left. Otherwise, who would want to leave one’s country of birth, family, friends, language and culture?

The prevention of and solution to these root problems were stated as goals in the preamble of the U.N. Charter. These ends will never be achieved without a reform of the United Nations, starting with the termination of the veto power of the five nations of the Security Council.

Lou DiLorenzo