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Letter: Sanders is fighting for people of all races

Sanders is fighting for people of all races

I was dismayed by the New York Times article, “Sanders support: Separate, unequal.” Nate Cohn’s slant is that there is a racial divide in Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign. The phrase “Separate, unequal” brings to mind segregationist arguments of separate but equal. This is unfair and does a disservice to Sanders’ political record.

Sanders’ record goes back nearly 40 years and since that time he has fought for people of all races who are marginalized by the corporatist structure of present-day America. After tilting the field against Sanders with no basis in reality, Cohn states that 12 congressional districts failed to hold rally parties for Sanders. Cohn fails to mention that 423 congressional districts did hold parties and attendance numbers reached 100,000.

Cohn says Sanders is way behind in Alabama and Georgia – two states he has yet to visit – but does not mention South Carolina, where Sanders drew large crowds. Sanders is leading in New Hampshire, is within 7 percent in Iowa and, by Cohn’s own admission, is doing well in Oregon and Wisconsin. Sounds like a good start for a man who was virtually unknown outside his home state until recently.

Cohn finishes with the line, “less educated voters don’t pay much attention to politics.” Cohn must not be familiar with grass-roots/labor movements, which are often spearheaded by “less educated” people. Find out for yourself what Sanders stands for. Don’t fall for articles that slant the truth and hide behind questionable numbers and made-up formulas.

Bill Mullen

Buffalo for Bernie Sanders