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Letter: Officials should support a higher minimum wage

Officials should support a higher minimum wage

It is an unfortunate state of affairs when politicians come out publicly against working people in the press. It is almost becoming an acceptable practice in America. The most recent attack appeared in the Aug. 30 Another Voice column. In it, County Legislator Ted Morton (Depew, 8th District), indicates how out of touch he is with his constituents.

If he took the time to listen to the people who testified at the wage board hearings, and how they struggle to sustain not only themselves, but in some cases families, on the current minimum wage, then perhaps we would have better than a zero appreciation for this labor. The struggle of these workers is no smoke-and-mirrors tactic, as he indicates.

He further states you should call it your own if you believe in something, which is why I wrote this letter. Working people need to unite. We are becoming public enemy No. 1 from the 2 percent.

Darrin Ziemba

Teamsters Local #264