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Letter: Cash’s lofty expectations simply are not realistic

Cash’s lofty expectations simply are not realistic

How wide a net did the Buffalo Board of Education have to cast, in order to find another school superintendent who was either divorced from reality or was yet another snake oil salesman? Expectations are supposed to be reasonable. Kriner Cash stated that his goal is a high school graduation rate of 100 percent. While that hyperbole is a wonderful rhetorical flourish, it insults the intelligence of his audience.

Even if the only requirements for a high school diploma were perfect attendance and punctuality to school, and to classes, there will always be a large segment of the student population that will not reach that minimum standard. Since attendance and punctuality are good predictors of school success, Kriner should get the students into the seats, and lower his expectations to a reasonable level.

Larry Finkelstein

East Amherst