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Letter: Too many criminals, not too many guns

Too many criminals, not too many guns

I wish to congratulate Rod Watson on his excellent column on the failures of the SAFE Act. His analysis was accurate that it does not address the cause of “gun violence.” In fact, the term is truly inaccurate and should be changed to “criminal misuse of guns.” The only thing that makes a gun or any sort of tool that can be used as a weapon dangerous is the person holding it.

Gun control laws don’t work because criminals don’t obey laws. This negates the quote of “too many guns” when the reality is that there are “too many criminals.” There are also too many evil or deranged people who are causing the problems. Add the laws that make gun-free zones and you have the ideal environment for mass murders. Evil people are predators who look for the easiest victims and the gun-free zones guarantee that there won’t be anyone there to stop their murderous schemes.

Gun bans won’t work. Making guns more difficult to buy won’t work any better than Prohibition stopped drunks or drug bans stop dealers and addicts. The laws have to be focused on criminal misuse, like the ones on drunken drivers. Alcohol is legal and so are cars. The problem comes when a person drinks too much and attempts to drive. The penalties for drunken driving should be harsh enough to discourage it.

What the SAFE Act does is to make a person ineligible to own a firearm if an employee of a medical facility reports that, in his opinion, the person may be a danger to himself or others. This is done without due process or even a notification to the person that the report is being made. The cost of correcting this mistake is lengthy and expensive. The SAFE Act is a bad law, ineffective in reducing death by gunfire and a burden to honest gun owners.

Budd Schroeder

Board Chairman, SCOPE