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Letter: Hold mayor accountable for problems at BMHA

Hold mayor accountable for problems at BMHA

The reasoning used in the Aug. 28 News editorial that Joe Mascia should be fired is that he used “vile, racist denunciations.” If using the N-word is vile and racist, why do so many blacks use the word? Then the editorial goes on to praise Mascia, offhandedly, for his work in protecting the interests of all of the tenants in BMHA housing.

The biggest losers here are the tenants. Without Mascia we are doomed to continue to live under the stress and strain of mismanagement, with nobody to take up the cause.

The tenant councils in the various complexes are well-intentioned but toothless; they are brushed aside like they were dirt, as are the tenants when they complain – that is, if there is anyone in the office to complain to.

Why is the mayor not being held accountable? He is the one who put all the pegs in place. If it was any other mayor but this one, Mayor Jimmy Griffin, for example, The News would be all over him. Instead Brown is praised for being forceful. Live a day in a BMHA’s tenants shoes and you would change your tune about him, I guarantee.

As I mentioned the tenants are the biggest losers and isn’t it ironic that the majority of the tenants in BMHA housing are black or Hispanic? If I were black I’d give Mascia hell, but I wouldn’t throw him out of my foxhole.

John F. Nostrant