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It seems to us: Walker’s wall of shame, our presidential material and Tom Brady’s punishment

It’s hard to be elected president if people think you’re a doofus. And, for whatever record Scott Walker has acquired as the activist governor of Wisconsin, he may have crossed the doofus threshold with his comment that a wall separating Canada from the United States “is a legitimate issue for us to look at.”

It’s not. It was a dumb comment made either without a second’s reflection or in an effort to out-Trump The Donald, who seems to despise just about everyone south of the Rio Grande.

Walker’s been roundly and justifiably ridiculed across Canada and the United States for proposing a structure that would be longer than the Great Wall of China, almost certainly wouldn’t work and would cost $17.8 billion.

And, importantly, that doesn’t count the wall he would surely want to build around Hawaii.

North America’s highest peak is no longer named Mount McKinley, and Ohioans are mourning the loss of that gigantic monument to a favorite son. President Obama restored the peak’s original name of Denali after more than a century honoring, unaccountably, William McKinley.

Buffalo, of course, has its own history with McKinley. He was assassinated here in 1901, and his name lives on with the graceful monument in Niagara Square, a high school, some streets and a shopping mall.

Not exactly a snow-capped peak, but a lot more accessible to Buckeyes looking for a place to pay tribute to our 25th president.

The NFL has a lot to learn from U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman’s rejection of the league’s suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, but if the question is about the legitimacy of the game, itself, his ruling did nothing to change the mind of anyone who believes Brady is a cheater.

Berman’s decision was about due process, to which everyone is entitled. If Brady didn’t get it, then the league is at fault. It doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved in the pathetic and dishonest deflating of footballs during the team’s championship run last season.

So, now, the league is stuck with Brady, smug, unrepentant and unworthy of support. We presume that fans around the league will be letting him know that in the weeks to come.