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What They Said: Transcript of Bills coach Rex Ryan prior to Friday's practice

Transcript of a media session with Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan prior to Friday's practice at One Bills Drive. Provided by the Buffalo Bills.

Head Coach Rex Ryan

Opening Comments:

I don’t know really where to start. Obviously this is a tough day, when you let some young men go. There’s probably a good opportunity that there’ll be other guys that will be part of this football team, especially the practice squad moving forward. But it’s tough because you know what these guys are giving you, they worked extremely hard and then to come up short at this time is tough. But certainly appreciate all those guys, all the efforts that they gave us and through their competition I think they’ve helped this football team. With that I’ll open it up for questions.

Q: You still have more roster moves to make, is Matt Cassel under consideration?

A: I’m not gonna get into anything that we’re gonna do, specifically with the rest of our guys for strategic purposes or anything else. So we’ll see what happens going forward.

Q: Is it still a challenge for you to find a number two at QB?

A: To me we’ve had a good body of evidence, what we want to look at, but right now to say final roster spot or all these type of things it’s…there’s a reason right now that our roster is where it is and there’s a few moves that are still to be made, I get that. But to go and to talk about a specific player I think it’s not helpful for us and I won’t talk about them.

Q: Are you actively looking for another kicker?
A: We will definitely look at anything that we think can help our team and that’s at any position. That’s kicker, that’s any spot and that’s every single one. You know I’m concerned, and I’ll tell you the reason I’m concerned about it is going into the year I thought we had everything nailed there. I thought that ‘Hey look, we got a kick off guy, we got a kicker, we got a punter, we got a long snapper.’ You know feel great about this and really we weren’t looking for anything. But to say that I’m just gonna turn a blind eye to the fact that we missed four kicks, that’s not me. You can criticize me all you want about it, but I could care less. I’m about right now, about this team and if there’s somebody that we feel can help our team, regardless of the position, then we’ll certainly look at it.

Q: How much do you factor in how accurate Dan Carpenter has been in the past plus his injury?

A: You always factor it, look I know the history. This guy’s been a clutch kicker for many years, and kicking here, not all kickers can kick in this condition so I recognize that. But I’m also not blind and obviously he had some issues, but how he responds now…I think the important thing is right now, what’s important now. We’re in the win business, what’s important now and if he’s the best kicker, we think he’s the best kicker, he’ll still be here. That goes for any position. If somebody that we feel is better, then that person will be here.

Q: How disappointing is it not having Leodis McKelvin to start off the season?

A: It’s disappointing, there’s no question that’s disappointing. Here’s a guy that again you talk about a proven player, he is a very proven player. He’s an outstanding returner, outstanding corner, I love his passion, all that that he plays with. But yeah will definitely miss that.

Q: To clarify, he’s on the short term list, so he can’t come back until week six?

A: I believe that’s the…I think is it seven or something. I think he’s out six weeks for sure and then there’s…that’s my understanding of the rule.

Q: Any LeSean McCoy updates with week one? There has been a report he might have a tear in his hamstring.

A: Apparently that person knows more than I do.

Q: So you are not aware of a torn hamstring with LeSean McCoy?

A: No I’m not aware of…I’m hoping that he’ll be available to us and I think the only thing I mentioned was cautiously optimistic and I remain optimistic.

Q: In the event LeSean McCoy can’t play week one, who will you look too?

A: I’m not gonna get into those type of scenarios, the ‘what ifs’ and all that type of stuff. I know one thing, this football team will be ready, period.

Q: Are there trade talks going on right now?

A: There’s always trade talks going. This time of year there is always trade talks about availabilities of maybe this team is deep at this position or that position. So I think this time, today in particular, there’ll be discussions, people calling us, or us calling somebody else.

Q: Do those trade talks involve your QB?

A: You really think I’m gonna get into that? I think you know the answer to that.

Q: What are your thoughts on IK Enemkpali getting cut?

A: There’s always…You can go right down the list of all these players. But one thing rest assured we will do what we think is in the best interest of our team, in fielding the best football team that we possibly can, and that’s what we’ll do. So when we get to our 53, that collection of players we think will give us the best chance to win.

Q: How confident, or concerned, are you with Ronald Darby starting at cornerback?

A: I’m confident that he’ll do a good job for us. I’ve been confident in training camp and everything else. You’re not at liberty to discuss calls and all that stuff that you get back from the league saying that…whatever, pretty much what I thought.

Q: There was a report IK Enemkpali was getting suspended by the league, have you heard anything of this?

A: I have not been in contact with the league at all.

Q: Have you been looking at all for a more veteran cornerback?

A: Again, we’ll be open to anything. Anything that we think can make us a better football team then we’ll certainly look at that.

Q: Did anybody make or break the team last night?

A: Yeah I’ll mention (AJ) Tarpley I think was a guy that really did a tremendous job for us and I think that’s…We were judging some different factors and he did a great job, he really jumped out. Now if Terrell Suggs is cut or something like that then see you later Tarpley, but he did a hell of a job.

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