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Letter: Watson’s gun column was exactly on target

Watson’s gun column was exactly on target

Rod Watson’s column was spot on and Erie County should be challenged for the way it operates the pistol permit application process.

When you have done everything right, by the book, with no criminal history, no mental history, played by the rules your whole life and you apply for a carry concealed pistol permit in Erie County, unless you’re a law enforcement or security officer, your chances are slim to none and you won’t even be considered until you’ve had your target/hunting permit for five years.

Now if you live in Niagara County, everyone who receives a pistol permit gets a carry permit. Whomever is involved in the application process in Erie County is obviously injecting his personal beliefs in the process, and this cannot happen in a just process.

Whether you’re on the right or the left on gun control, your personal opinion needs to be checked at the door before you go to work. We law-abiding gun owners are not the enemy.

Tom Perkovich