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Deflated value, a scarecrow Tom Brady, healthy eaters at UB and Paladino at One Direction

Deflated value

When Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension was overturned by a federal judge, New England fans rejoiced.

The judge in the case, Richard Berman, was practically hailed as a hero. A Dunkin’ Donuts shop in Maine posted a sign promising the judge free coffee “for life.”

Of course, Dunkin’s headquarters is in the heart of Patriots territory – Massachusetts. However, the chain also has a big presence in Western New York.

Still, it’s safe to say local Dunkin’ Donuts won’t extend the same offer to Berman, especially when the Patriots come to Orchard Park.

More Patriot games

Meanwhile, Town of Tonawanda resident Mike Doty has gotten a lot of comments from people about the Tom Brady display on the front lawn of his home on East Somerset Avenue.

In early August, the avid Buffalo Bills fan erected a sort of scarecrow version of Brady, featuring the famous/infamous New England Patriot’s jersey and a shrunken, deflated football for Brady’s head. He put it up as a joke for his old friend Grant Given, a Patriots fan who lives in Rhode Island and was planning to come into town for a visit.

“Grant laughed when he saw it. I decided to keep it up for awhile,” said Doty, 52. “You would not believe how many people have stopped by to take pictures of it, and just to talk with me about it. I keep hearing people have put pictures of it on Facebook.”

Like many Bills fans, Doty was disgusted by the federal judge’s ruling that lifted Brady’s suspension. “I’m not happy with the ruling, but I also want the Bills to beat the Patriots at their best, with Brady,” Doty said.

Educated eaters

According to the folks at, University at Buffalo students eat for health more than their peers at other colleges and universities.

The online food delivery company analyzed delivery orders sent to colleges and universities in 47 states during the 2014-15 academic year. The results were recently reported in Time Labs Magazine. It showed that UB students ranked No. 1 in making healthy food choices among students at more than 100 other colleges and universities.

GrubHub used more than 30 healthy choice indicators – such as ordering salad over fries, brown rice over white, opting for lighter dressings and toppings and ordering more veggies – and ranked the survey results by school.

“Students are really starting to get educated about what they are putting into their bodies,” said Jeff Brady, executive director of UB Campus Dining and Shops.

Brady added that their choices show in the increasing amounts of fresh produce and soy milk the university purchases each year.

Unusual direction

Carl Paladino may not be a big One Direction fan, but that didn’t stop him from showing up at The Ralph on Thursday with his 15-year-old daughter.

While the mostly young, female audience members had their hearts racing for the hotties on stage, Paladino’s heart was racing from all the screaming in the seats.

“My heart was pounding out of my chest,” he said.

Paladino didn’t recognize any of One Direction’s songs, but surprisingly recognized a couple of the songs sung by the warm-up band, Icona Pop. He also recognized other dads dotting the audience among the sea of girls and young women.

“My daughter said it was the best day of her life,” he said, adding that this didn’t say much for his contribution to Sarah’s 15 years of existence.

Though Paladino holds strong opinions on many subjects, One Direction isn’t one of them.

“It wasn’t so bad,” he decided. “As long as my daughter was having a good time, it was worth it.”

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