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Letter: Who’s driving demise of Chautauqua Amp?

Who’s driving demise of Chautauqua Amp?

It is inexplicable: An iconic American institution, Chautauqua, is destroying the iconic heart of its whole being, the Amphitheater – where presidents, dignitaries and divines from around the world have touched thousands of hearts, an enduring memory for all who have ever stepped under its soaring expanse – and replacing it with a sanitized behemoth.

Having spent my life in not-for–profit institutions on two continents, and having seen similar destruction again and again, the pattern is clear. I am willing to bet there is one person at work here – a brilliant, ruthless individual of a type drawn to such places. He or she does not care about history, heritage, commonwealth or common will. Such people care only about wielding power, getting their way and forcing others to bend to their will.

Look for the following: an impeccable presentation, smooth as silk, a ready tongue, loved by boards – and then look for the lies. Find people who have worked under this person and suddenly quit or been fired, and hear they were forced out by brilliant, ruthless manipulation of power, image, money or information by said power person. Find people who have recently left the board of Chautauqua; dollars to doughnuts such a Machiavelli is what you will uncover. Please do this before it is too late!

Mark Ebersole

East Aurora