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Letter: How dare U.S. automakers ponder moving work abroad

How dare U.S. automakers ponder moving work abroad

On Aug. 22, I read with dismay the article “Detroit automakers mulling moving work abroad.” (I think their minds are made up.)

How much do these CEOs and shareholders have to make? It’s just incredible how they’re threatening the United Automobile Workers (UAW). Didn’t the federal government (that’s us) lend these companies $49.5 billion? Did they pay it all back? We’ll never know. Now they have the gall to thumb their noses at us and threaten to go to China, Korea, Mexico, etc. How greedy!

Then, Clark University professor Gary Chaison states, “It’s a warning to the UAW not to get greedy.” I wonder what his salary is? Who is paying it?

I have never bought a foreign vehicle in my life. I have bought mostly GM products every three to four years. Not anymore, I guess. Toyota is looking a lot better.

Thomas C. Ford