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Letter: How can Cheney defend war in Iraq, CIA torture?

How can Cheney defend war in Iraq, CIA torture?

A recent broadcast of “Sunday Morning” with Charles Osgood treated us to the bizarre (if eminently consistent) ramblings of former vice president Dick Cheney and his doting daughter. He defended the war in Iraq and its CIA prisoner torture, and seemed unable to see how the Arab world could possibly take issue with the physical and political destruction we have wrought throughout the Middle East.

While profiting financially from that and other wars, Cheney cynically waves the flag and still contends that the country, whose moral high ground he personally helped to undercut, is still “exceptional.” In addition to causing virtually every other country on the planet to lower its opinion of the righteousness of U.S. motives, the Bush administration oversaw the rolling out of the Patriot Act – the greatest restrictions on the liberty of American citizens in history, while his followers continue to whip into a frenzy the easily duped, who think that making assault rifles illegal signals Armageddon.

Predictably Cheney sides with Israeli hawks over the Iran nuclear agreement, and has the unmitigated chutzpah to shift blame from himself and his fellow draft-dodging warmongers to President Obama for the rise of terrorism in general and Islamic State in particular. Small wonder Cheney’s supporters line up behind The Donald as the leading Republican contender to run the country. Exceptional indeed.

John Nelson