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Letter: Schumer rightly opposes dangerous deal with Iran

Schumer rightly opposes dangerous deal with Iran

Two recent letters criticized Sen. Charles Schumer for opposing the egregiously flawed agreement with Iran. Yet this agreement, instead of guaranteeing peace, will make war much more likely by giving Iran (the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism) a guaranteed path to nuclear weapons along with billions of dollars to fund attacks on Americans and our allies. This agreement will also spur nuclear proliferation all over the Middle East as Egypt, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia are planning to start their own nuclear programs in response.

The agreement includes an inadequate inspection regimen and no prohibition on Iranian ICBM research. The agreement ultimately does not require Iran to dismantle any part of its nuclear infrastructure, as opposed to prior treaties and agreements with Libya, South Africa, Sweden and Ukraine, all of which dismantled their nuclear infrastructure as part of their denuclearization procedures. These unprecedented and unwarranted concessions are being made to a country, Iran, that has already killed and wounded thousands of American troops, and whose leaders promise to do more of the same.

It is in the national interests of the United States for Congress to reject this terrible agreement so that it can be improved. Yet the authors of both recent letters falsely accused Schumer of dual loyalties to Israel, and one went on to blame Israel for the war in Iraq. These are anti-Semitic canards. Specifically, the State Department defines anti-Semitism as including “accusing Jewish citizens of more loyalty to Israel … than to the interests of their own nations” and “blaming Israel for all inter-religious and political tensions.”

The agreement with Iran is counter to the interests of our country, and Schumer is acting in accordance with the best American democratic principles in opposing it. For this he should be commended!

Daniel H. Trigoboff, Ph.D.