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Letter: Show some appreciation for our terrific teachers

Show some appreciation for our terrific teachers

As we all try to squeeze in our final summer fun, teachers are making bulletin boards, writing lesson plans and buying school supplies for a whole classroom of children. Teachers are so underappreciated and so important and influential to our children.

I support the backpack program for needy kids, but how about those of us without children helping teachers with all the supplies they need to buy now that, for years, funds have been cut? We all think it’s hard to buy for our own kids; imagine buying for a classroom full of kids.

It’s the only job I’ve ever heard of in which all your personal time is spent on planning, all your funds go to your job’s supplies and everything that is wrong with a “client” at your workplace must be your fault. How can teachers teach respect when many parents don’t show it and, even worse, when the children see teachers disrespected?

When I was a child, the thought of having my teacher tested would have devastated and shocked me. It’s not a teacher problem; it’s a systems problem. If every grandparent, or anyone who believes children are our future, gave the cost of one specialty cup of coffee to their grandchildren’s teacher, it would be an all-around win.

Laura Wright