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City Hallways (Sept. 1) On & off campaign trail

Calendar Items
Common Council meets today, expected to interview and appoint Joel Feroleto to fill the unexpired term of his cousin,  Mike LoCurto, who stepped down as Delaware District councilman to take a better paying job with the Poloncarz Administration.

The Feroleto appointment
My understanding is the Council will interview Feroleto prior to the 2 p.m. formal council meeting. When the council convenes, one of the items on its agenda is Feroleto's resume, and his request to be appointed to the Delaware seat through the end of the year. The item is #109 on the agenda, but the council can take the item out of order, and possibly vote  on Feroleteo's appointment at the beginning of the meeting so that he can participate in the Council session.  Feroleto was a shoo-in for the temporary appointment by virtue of being the only Democrat running for LoCurto's seat, which probably explains why no one else applied for the temporary job.

More Mascia
Latest is more on Mascia's financial mess.
Seems the car he was driving in 2012 was repossessed when Mascia fell behind on his car loan payments.
I heard some rumbling about this over the weekend, so asked  Mascia about it Monday. At first he said he didn't remember much about it, but after I mentioned a few details Mascia recalled that he purchased a Chrysler, and was making payments, while working as a mason with the Buffalo school board for a few years. When he injured his shoulder and was no longer able to work, Mascia said, he was unable to make payments, and lost the car. The court papers  from February 2012 say he  owed Chrysler Financial Services $7,502 plus interest, for total of $8,309.
"They took the car back," Mascia said.  He's previously said the Cadillac he now drives is leased.

Away from the campaign trail.
Deputy Fire Commissioner Kevin Peterson was recently  named to the  Civil Service rank of Battalion Chief, even while remaining deputy commissioner. His previous civil service rank was as a captain.
Now there's speculation that Peterson may soon go back to his Civil Service post.  As a deputy commissioner, Peterson  makes about $120,000 - which is a slightly more than what some  captains earn with overtime. But battalion chiefs can earn as much as $135,000 or more with overtime. That's undoubtedly fueling some of the speculation.

Election  count down - Nine days til primary election.

In today's Buffalo News and,  I did story with my colleague Harold McNeil on the Fillmore race.  In case you missed it, Harold had story on the Masten District race in Saturday's paper.

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