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Letter: Writer does not present facts on Israel’s history

Writer does not present facts on Israel’s history

One thing our U.S. Constitution allows us as citizens is to think, believe and state anything we wish, regardless of its factual basis. So, the writer of the July 20 letter, “Israel appears to be redefining democracy” is within his constitutional rights to think and state the fact-free anti-Israel propaganda, if he wishes.

The writer refers to Israel’s security barrier between itself and Judea and Samaria territories as a “penal wall.” Anyone with a factual clue knows that this “wall” is mostly fence and only about 10 percent wall. The security barrier has reduced terrorist attacks by over 95 percent, preventing hundreds, if not thousands, of casualties.

The writer complains of “Israel’s ‘holding’ of Gaza and most of what was Palestine.” Really? Israel uprooted thousands of Israelis from Gaza, leaving an economic infrastructure for Arab Gazans to utilize, in an action of a good faith peace gesture. What Israel has received is over 15,000 rockets and several short wars from Gaza. As far as most of “what was Palestine,” the writer should do his homework. Of historic Palestine, Jordan (originally Trans-Jordan) was created from 78 percent of it. Israel is constituted on part of the remaining 22 percent.

The writer doesn’t understand why Israeli Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu is so vehemently against the Iran nuclear “deal.” If the writer would look at a map, he would see that just one or two well-aimed nuclear bombs landing in Israel does in fact “wipe Israel off the map,” a long-stated Iranian goal. The “deal” allows Iran to develop the bomb, only with a 10-year delay. What a deal!

Keep in mind the famous quote from Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “You are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts.” This letter should not be sullying responsible public debate.

James Sterman

East Amherst