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Revelations about Mascia’s finances reinforce the need for him to quit race

Joseph A. Mascia, the Common Council candidate with an affinity for the N-word, is buried in debt and drives a Cadillac. Even supporters who unaccountably remain in his camp must see that he is drastically unsuited to public office.

It’s not just that he has debt. Life can throw a curveball to anyone. But, as his opponent in the race, David Franczyk, observed, this is a pattern in Mascia’s life. And, yes, the Cadillac he drives is leased, and includes a co-signer, but that, too, says something about his priorities and his ability to make wise decisions. That’s important in his private life and would be even more important as a member of the Common Council, where tens of millions of dollars are at play.

Franczyk went further. He called Mascia a liar and, as we have previously observed, its not an unreasonable characterization. Earlier this month, Mascia flatly denied using racist terms to describe African-Americans. “Never, never, never,” he said, insisting that if there were a recording, it must be a fake.

Later, when a reporter played the recording, in which he repeatedly uses the N-word to describe African-American government leaders in Western New York, he insisted that it was “totally out of character for him.” He said he was disappointed in himself. How many lies are contained in that string of declarations?

It is evident that Mascia will not be elected to the Common Council. Running as a Conservative in an overwhelmingly Democratic city, his prospects would be minuscule under the best circumstances. Under the ones he has created for himself – talking like a racist, lying about it, mismanaging his money to the detriment of others – his chances are underwater.

Preposterously, Mascia is also running in the Democratic primary. If it were in the realm of mathematics to ensure that your opponent wins more than 100 percent of the vote, Mascia would be on track to achieve it.

He should drop out of the race rather than continue to detract from it. It is too late for his name to be removed from the primary ballot, but if he has it within him to do the right thing, he should announce that he understands the problems he has caused, knows there is no chance to win and get busy paying off his avalanche of debt.

It’s unlikely to happen. He said he is getting calls daily from supporters pleading with him not to drop out.

Truth or lie?