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Letter: Trump speaks the truth not everyone wants to hear

Trump speaks the truth not everyone wants to hear

We have a royal class in America. They are the growing number of elected officials all the way up to the White House who were first elected when they were humble citizens asking for our votes.

It’s no wonder that a plainspoken man like Donald Trump is rising in the polls. He took a stand and the politically correct “police” are punishing him. He is still worth a fortune and cannot be bribed.

Disaffected voters are tired of being shoved around or placated by politicians, so Trump has captured the favor of many disenchanted voters. We now serve a master and that master is government, including President Obama. People are afraid to speak out, in fear of retribution.

You really have to admire Donald Trump. He says it like he sees it even though it may not be politically correct.

John Orlowski