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Letter: Police are too often seen as bad actors by the media

Police are too often seen as bad actors by the media

I am horribly appalled at the way the media and some groups portray police.

No one knows if Officer Anthony L. Porzio, who received 30 work days without pay following a secretly recorded video, was spit on, kicked, or if the person in question verbally assaulted the officer.

One of my children was a police officer and was kicked, spit upon and witnessed the most horrible things one person could do to another.

Many police carry dog and cat food in their cars for abandoned animals and their litters. Many police officers often take these animals home and nurture them back to health and keep them as a family pet. My police officer child had numerous animals that she kept for years, costing her much money. Many nights she came home and cried because of the things she encountered while on duty.

Children left in homes with empty refrigerators, no heat in the house. Blankets on the floor for them to sleep on. But they all had large TV sets.

And in getting back to my original thought, this man that was arrested, instead of making the officer look like a bully, what happened before? What abuse did that officer take?

We are all human beings and when you have a suspect abuse you, it would put any of us on the edge. The police and their families never know if they will come home at night.

Donna Capitano Nardozzi