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Letter: Elia should consider action sooner, rather than later

Elia should consider action sooner, rather than later

As the State Education Department’s tough-talking top administrator made a visit to Western New York, school reform expectations are at an all-time high.

MaryEllen Elia has made it clear that a year from now five underperforming Buffalo schools is headed for a takeover by someone outside the district.

She is looking for significant increases in student performance during one academic year.

One wonders if it is possible for such significant changes to occur in a short time, regardless of whose plan of action is implemented.

Rather than waiting a year for those schools to fail, we should challenge the commissioner to take over just one failing school and create a model of change for the remaining schools to emulate.

If Elia were to succeed, the woes of urban education across America will be solved.

W. John Kozinski

West Seneca