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July 1980: Typical '80s office shows typewriter and a 'work-saving' computer

Thirty-five years ago this week, The News began celebrating the 100th anniversary of the paper's starting a daily edition.

20 July 1980 100 years of finance and commerce (2)

In the special section called One Hundred Years of Finance and Commerce, The News recounted the history of a handful of Buffalo’s financial and commercial industries and provided ad space for many companies involved in those industries to tout their own contributions.

Radio Shack’s TRS-80, this ad implies, “works hard to save you money.”

For many business people in 1980, having a computer in the office still sounded more like science fiction than a solid business plan, especially when the computer offered here was offered for $8,766. In 2015 dollars, according to a government inflation calculator, that equals about a $25,000 investment.

20 July 1980 100 years of finance and commerce (49)

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