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July 1980: Some Buffalonians still expecting shipping to return

Thirty-five years ago this month, The News began celebrating the 100th anniversary of the paper's starting a daily edition.

20 July 1980 100 years of finance and commerce (2)

In the special section called One Hundred Years of Finance and Commerce, The News recounted the history of a handful of Buffalo’s financial and commercial industries and provided ad space for many companies involved in those industries to tout their own contributions.

By 1980, the port of Buffalo was obviously and irrevocably in decline, along with the grain, steel and lumber industries that the port once supported.

While the port was gasping, it was still alive — and this piece looks at would it would have taken to breathe new life into Buffalo’s lakes freight industry.

20 July 1980 100 years of finance and commerce (78)

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