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Problems with water are focus of Forestville Village Board discussion

FORESTVILLE – Water problems, from chlorine odors to sulfur-type smells to water billings, continue to dominate discussion at the Village Board.

Several residents Tuesday asked about the next round of water-usage bills and were told that the board hoped data could be entered into the system for bills to be sent out by the end of this week.

Some residents said they have not been billed for usage on their meters for up to one year. Schneider and Trustee David W. McEntarfer both tried to explain how various computer problems have made the water bills difficult to complete.

“We should have found these problems before now,” McEntarfer said.

Deputy Mayor Brian E. Schneider said residents without meters will receive estimated bills.

The deputy mayor conducted the regular meeting in the absence of Mayor Kevin L. Johnson. He said he would keep notes about the complaints and look into questions with Johnson when he returns next week.

Schneider told a group of residents that he met with a person from a private testing firm, Envirotech, which was not hired by the village, and that he could not give him a sample of water from the secondary well which is not being used.

“The last time we turned on that well, people complained for days that their water had the sulfur smell,” he said.

Schneider said the system does not allow for samples from one of the two wells without allowing both wells to merge into the entire water system.

The village’s water committee has not met during the mayor’s absence, Scnneider reported.

In other items on the agenda, the roof on the firehouse has not been put out for bid because the village needs funds from the sale of the land that was formerly used as the spring-fed water system.

The board members approved a sale of the land and a timbering contract with a company from Pennsylvania.

The $431,000 sale for more than 100 acres has not closed. Village Attorney Michael J. Sullivan said that the buyer has until October to close the sale.

He said he is hoping that the buyer will close sooner.

“The work on the roof is dependent on the funds for the sale of the land,” Sullivan said.

“It’s considered best practice to wait for the check to clear.”

A building with a potential collapse problem on Main Street was addressed by Code Enforcement Officer Alan P. Gustafson.

The owner has provided an address, Gustafson said, and a certified letter will be sent requesting that the structure be made safe.

“This situation may require action by the neighbors,” Gustafson said.

Some residents also requested that regular office hours be listed for Village Treasurer James White.

Trustee Gary Belote said that he agreed with the suggestion and that White would be required to provide a schedule of office hours to the board.

The next village task force meeting on the topic of possible dissolution of village government will be held at 6 p.m. Aug. 18 in the Hanover Town Hall.

The Zoning and Planning boards are scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Aug. 20 in the Forestville Municipal Building.