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Letter: Technology will help drive new state-of-the-art jobs

Technology will help drive new state-of-the-art jobs

Vivek Wadhwa’s July 29 Viewpoints piece projecting unemployment due to robots seems shortsighted.

Yes, self-driving cars will soon replace those who drive for a living. But there’ll be an explosion of new careers for those displaced workers. Why? Because of self-driving cars.

Imagine being able to call for a car and have it arrive within minutes. It takes you exactly where you want to go. No need to schlep across a parking lot in the heat/rain/snow. No need to pay to maintain an expensive car. We won’t own cars!

The money we save by not owning cars will be spent turning our garages into living spaces, home gyms, workshops, whatever our hearts desire. Suburbanites will need to hire people to transform our garages for us. Developers will need workers to build new buildings in all the prime downtown real estate that will be occupied by newly obsolete parking ramps. The corporations that own the cars we hire will need workers to build and staff auto maintenance/storage facilities.

For the first time, inner-city residents will be freed from the constrictions of bus routes. Cheap transportation will take them where the good jobs are (though, those good jobs will just as likely be in their neighborhoods where the above-mentioned auto facilities are likely to be placed).

Eventually those construction jobs will disappear, but all the former drivers will be retired by then. And jobs we can’t even imagine today will likely be created, just as they have in the past.

Terry Fleig

Orchard Park