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Letter: Wage increase will hurt Social Security recipients

Wage increase will hurt Social Security recipients

New York spends $6,800 in public assistance per fast-food worker annually. Misguided and misdirected policy set forth by government sowed the seeds to this dilemma years ago.

Social Security recipients who worked hard all their lives will be the ones to suffer for their lack of foresight. You know the ones you don’t have any use for any longer. The ones who step out with their loved one for quite possibly the only dining out experience they can afford.

Sure, let’s give $15 an hour.

I think we have all seen the elderly couple enjoying a coffee and burger together or the group of oldsters sharing stories of years ago over an inexpensive meal. You know the ones. Those who worked hard all their lives. Started working for an hourly wage that was less substantial than today. Put in the time and learned their trade. Showed their worth and were given that extra nickel.

No one handed then anything for free. They worked for it. Seems that type of thing has fallen by the wayside.

As far as that $6,800 per fast-food worker, I hope the governor’s three-member board realizes that political figures are responsible for those costs. Not the old retirees that toiled for years, lived within their means, did with less, paid their bills and worked out a decent life for their families.

Don’t you just want to scream?

Mark Neupert