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Letter: Building is unsightly along Elmwood Avenue

Building is unsightly along Elmwood Avenue

I second the sentiments of the July 20 letter writer regarding Karl Frizlen/Benchmark Development’s spectacularly homely apartment building squatting like a monolith over the 700 block of Elmwood. You’ve heard of The Campanile on Delaware? This is The Carbuncle on Elmwood. The building is unsightly and dwarfs its surroundings. How did the city planners allow this to happen? I know many tried to oppose, or at least alter, this plan but to no avail. Now we are stuck with it.

I commend the builders and developers who repurpose, renovate and restore our cultural heritage of historic and architecturally beautiful buildings. Contrast The Carbuncle with Uniland’s new building on the corner of Delaware and Chippewa.

One of the arguments for this three-story, 24-apartment building on Elmwood was in the service of “urban density.” That should not mean ruining the character of the Elmwood Village, which attracts people from outside the city. Urban density can easily devolve into urban blight.

The Elmwood Village Association not only pushed this development but also does nothing to stop national chain stores from coming to Elmwood. I thought one of their original missions was to support local business. They have failed miserably.

We also need to be aware as part of these developments of the “Green Initiative,” and what it really means. The only thing green about the “Green Initiative” that I can glean, is the greenbacks flowing into the pockets of uncaring developers. The building has 26 parking spaces in back of the first floor for residents. We assume the residents will have no visitors, nor will the storefronts have customers needing to park?

Maybe we need to be more vigilant and more vocal about what is being planned for our fair city. Wish we could have stopped this sorry development on Elmwood.

Lucia Sleight