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Vic Carucci’s NFL Power Rankings

1. Seattle. Jimmy Graham made this talent-rich team even richer. (2)

2. Green Bay. A popular Super Bowl pick … if the defense holds up. (4)

3. Baltimore. The door’s wide open for this consistently solid team to win another AFC crown. (14)

4. New England. This assumes Tom Brady misses no more than two games. (1)

5. Dallas. With a strong offensive line, the Cowboys should still run effectively. (3)

6. Philadelphia. This assumes the risky Sam Bradford move pays off. (15)

7. Denver. It will be hard getting used to Peyton Manning working under center. (7)

8. Pittsburgh. Ben Roethlisberger will do his part, but what about that defense? (8)

9. Arizona. Once again, it’s all about whether Carson Palmer stays in one piece. (10)

10. Indianapolis. Once they beat up on the rest of the AFC South, what do the Colts do next? (9)

11. San Diego. As long as they still have Philip Rivers, they’re a force. (11)

12. Miami. Defense could be dominant and Ryan Tannehill has better receivers. (13)

13. Minnesota. Adrian Peterson’s return should lead to dramatic improvement. (25)

14. Buffalo. Quarterback question keeps the Bills out of the top 10. (17)

15. Detroit. It all depends on how they deal with the loss of Ndamukong Suh. (5)

16. Kansas City. Chiefs resolved Justin Houston’s contract issue, but what about that passing game? (16)

17. Cincinnati. It’s so hard to trust Andy Dalton to get over the hump. (6)

18. Carolina. Panthers still have big questions at offensive tackle. (18)

19. New Orleans. Filling Graham void is tough, but don’t count against Brees/Payton. (21)

20. N.Y. Giants. How do these guys keep Eli Manning upright? (19)

21. St. Louis. Which Nick Foles is going to show up each week? (24)

22. Atlanta. Whether Dan Quinn has the players to make his defense work is questionable. (20)

23. N.Y. Jets. Dominant front seven, but quarterback situation remains a disaster. (31)

24. Oakland. Jack Del Rio was a good hire, but that won’t matter if Derek Carr can’t stay healthy. (26)

25. Houston. Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett? Does it really matter? (12)

26. Cleveland. Josh McCown to the rescue? (23)

27. Jacksonville. We’ll see if Blake Bortles’ arm can hold up for a full season. (27)

28. Washington. Expecting RGIII to return to his strong rookie form is expecting a lot. (28)

29. Chicago. New coach, but same mediocre story with Jay Cutler. (29)

30. San Francisco. It was an offseason of endless bad news for the Niners. (22)

31. Tennessee. Marcus Mariota needs much more help than he’ll get this year. (30)

32. Tampa Bay. Jameis Winston’s growing pains won’t be helped by a bad O-line. (32)

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